Herbs and spices

Our high quality herbs and spices support a healthy
and natural way of life.

Our herbs and spices as pdf-file for downloading

The product list with the herbs and spices can be downloaded as a PDF-file

Our herbs and spices in alphabetical order:
  • Black pepper - Piper nigrum

  • Burdock root - Bardanae radix (Arctium lappa L.)

  • Devil’s claw - Radix Harpago

  • Ginger - Zingiber officinale

  • Hydrangea root - Hydrangea aboresoens L.

  • Myrrh milled - Myrrha pulv.

  • Rosmary - Rosmarinus

  • Stinging nettle leaves milled - Urtica diocia L.

  • White Willow bark - Salix alba L.

  • Yucca root - Yucca filamentosa L.

The product list with all products can be downloaded as a PDF-file