>> Biofach in Nuremberg
from 14th - 17th February 2023! <<

As an exhibitor at Biofach 2023
we say THANK YOU for visiting us
on our booth no. 529 in hall 9!

Stay healthy and successful!


>> Organic Productinnovations! <<

Vitamins and minerals               Drink OPC+
from natural plant-                     Dissolve powder-
extract powders                          mixture in
in organic quality
                        organic grape juice

       Vitamins and minerals from natural plant extract powders in organic quality                             Drink OPC+ powder mixture
Flyer as pdf-file                      Flyer as pdf-file
for download
                          for download

Organic                                     Organic
Grape Seed Products                Curcuma Longa Fit

       Organic Grape Seed Products                              Organic Curcuma Longa Extrakt
Flyer as pdf-file                         Flyer as pdf-file

Natural Vitamin D3V                  Organic
vegan, oil, powder                     Grape seed pillows

       Flyer Vitamin D3V                 Grape seed pillows
Flyer as pdf-file                           Pillow for your



  HERBS and SPICES on demand

  Processing of Organic Imports to Europe

Business Trip - 2017

Pictures of the trip to India in March 2017:


Please click on the picture for a bigger viewing.