Our high quality carotenoids support a healthy
and natural way of life.

Our Carotenoids as pdf-file for downloading

The product list with the carotenoids can be downloaded as a PDF-file

Our carotenoids in alphabetical order:
  • Astaxanthin natural - Haematococcus pluvialis

  • Beta Caroten - synthetic

  • Beta Caroten natural - Dunaliella salina / Blakeslea trispora

  • Lutein Ester natural - Tagetes erecta

  • Lutein natural - Tagetes erecta

  • Lycopen natural - Solanaceae /Tomato

  • Mixed Carotenoids - Dunaliella salina

  • Palmoil mixed Carotenoids - Elaeis guineensis

  • Zeaxanthin natural - Tagetes erecta

The product list with all products can be downloaded as a PDF-file